2. brentwalker092:

    What a hottie!!! :)

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  3. famousmeat:

    Zac Efron as a shirtless Abercrombie model in Neighbors

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    let me introduce you to the cock that fucks my brains out every day

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    Zac Efron bulges in Neighbors

    oh zac please shove that bulge in my mouth

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    Some gorgeous ass and cock in the locker room/showers

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  9. properfaggot:

    Tall, dark, and twunkish… my fucking kind of man.

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  10. gay-wet-dreams-returns:

    This should get you hard and wet ….

    Trenton and Chandler are so fucking sexy together …. so hot to see them all over each other …. kissing …. rubbing their wet bodies against each other …. the sexual energy building throughout  ….

    When Chandler cums, his legs twitch uncontrollably with the orgasm …. and then as Trenton sucks the cum out of his cock …. and then lets it drip back all over that beautiful shaft …. Chandler’s legs tense up and his whole body twists as the waves of orgasm continue to hit him ….. so fucking HOT!

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